The article I am proudest of is this interview with theatre company Ridiculusmus for Exeunt. I asked my grandma if she’d join me and, always game for an adventure, she said yes. 

The review I most enjoyed writing was this five-star review of Kate Tempest at the Edinburgh Fringe for The Guardian. I could barely see the stage by the end, my face was so flooded with tears.

One of the features I had the most fun writing is this G2 wild swimming piece with Liz Richardson. The water felt like shards of glass. Another favourite was this bizarre feature on where puppets go to die.

I’m also very proud of my writing on the show Daughter, both this review and this feature. I can still feel the show’s bruise.

The group-piece I have been most proud to be a part of is this Guardian report on sex education around the world, for which I contributed the section on Uganda.

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