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And Then Come The Nightjars

The language of loss is sprayed over us like disinfectant in Bea Robert’s play And Then Come The Nightjars. It’s about loss of love, loss of land, loss of livestock, loss of dignity, loss of every little thing that makes…


Every Brilliant Thing

I have rarely felt so full of love walking out of a theatre. I want to go and make a playlist of all the songs. I want to tell everyone I love that I love them. I want to go…


Jane Eyre (Preview)

Dear Charlotte Bronte, I would like to apologise for saying Jane Eyre was: Boring Dull Wimpy And: Nothing happens for ages Do people who label things ‘classics’ actually read them? I wouldn’t want to be her friend Please accept my…


Oresteia (the Almeida one)

Some thoughts on the Almeida’s Oresteia from someone who knows nothing about Greek tragedy, who has only seen two before and who severely disliked one and fell asleep in the other. *** I persuade my brother to come with me…


Song From Far Away

Most of the reviews I’ve read of Song From Far Away feel as though they should be whispered rather than spoken aloud. They have given the impression that the play contains such delicacy and tenderness, the sense of leaving the…


People, Places and Things

It is hard to look at anyone else when Denise Gough is on stage. I’ve never seen her perform before but I now very much want to again. She just seems so normal, you could bump into her in the…


Edinburgh 2015

I sit down in a dark room and I am handed a blindfold. *** First time round I miss Barrel Organ’s play, Some People Talk About Violence. I saw the company’s debut show Nothing last year. I had enjoyed it…


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