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For Fest: Goody (Edinburgh review)

The only redeeming feature of this play is the strength of Lucy Roslyn’s legs. Keeping the pose of chimpanzee Goody for an hour, Roslyn bounces and clambers around the stage, doing all she can to make the audience laugh as…



I have recently graduated in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of Bristol, with First-class honours (woo). I was also awarded the John Lavender Prize for outstanding contribution to the department of Theatre. Much of my time this year…


I am a Tree

When the popular kid at school includes you in their joke, it can be hard to tell whether they’re laughing with you, or at you. I’m still not sure which side of the line Jamie Wood’s new show I am…


NSDF 2017

I think it was the moment we were pulled up in a fairylight-draped chariot in the rain, sofas screwed on and a bear head at the helm, with the sound of X-factor entrance music blaring, that I realised just what…


Real Magic

This was originally a review for Forced Entertainment’s Real Magic which was performed at In Between Time Festival in Bristol. The show consists of the same scene repeated, with slight alterations, over and over. And over. And over. The review…



I was going to write a post about the most inspiring cultural experiences of 2016, but then thirty nine people were shot dead in a nightclub in Turkey on the 1st of January and it didn’t matter anymore. I was…



This is how everyone should be introduced to every new city. You should get off a train, close your eyes and when you open them there should be a stranger standing before you with their hand outstretched. They should look…


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