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For Fest: Edison (Edinburgh review)

Locating the historic tussle between inventors Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla in an Orwellian dystopia, this cracked history gets lost in a sea of glitter. In an alternative past, a determined Tesla (Zoe Feldman) is robotically manipulated by a demonic…


For Fest: Dickless (Edinburgh review)

Dickless delights in misanthropy. Lauren Downie and Tessa Jane Fairey take turns at performing Aisha Josiah’s one-woman play. Her characters are a playground to swing across, and Josiah arms them artfully, quips and pint in hand. Saff has a lack of…


For Fest: DIGS (Edinburgh review)

On the back wall of the theatre are a mass of jumbled fairy lights. Like the lives of people in shared spaces, they are messily, inseparably tangled. Jess Murrain and Lucy Bairstow present a series of duos struggling with limited…


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