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For Fest: Edison (Edinburgh review)

Locating the historic tussle between inventors Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla in an Orwellian dystopia, this cracked history gets lost in a sea of glitter. In an alternative past, a determined Tesla (Zoe Feldman) is robotically manipulated by a demonic…


For Fest: Dickless (Edinburgh review)

Dickless delights in misanthropy. Lauren Downie and Tessa Jane Fairey take turns at performing Aisha Josiah’s one-woman play. Her characters are a playground to swing across, and Josiah arms them artfully, quips and pint in hand. Saff has a lack of…


For Fest: DIGS (Edinburgh review)

On the back wall of the theatre are a mass of jumbled fairy lights. Like the lives of people in shared spaces, they are messily, inseparably tangled. Jess Murrain and Lucy Bairstow present a series of duos struggling with limited…


For Fest: Goody (Edinburgh review)

The only redeeming feature of this play is the strength of Lucy Roslyn’s legs. Keeping the pose of chimpanzee Goody for an hour, Roslyn bounces and clambers around the stage, doing all she can to make the audience laugh as…