For Most Mira: Democracy and Post-Conflict Politics in Bosnia

When making coffee in Bosnia, the saying goes that you should always expect an unexpected guest, and therefore always pour an extra cup. This attitude of welcoming unexpected guests really resonates for our group as we navigated ethnic tensions, asking difficult questions, and exploring sensitive topics. As part of the Project on Peacebuilding, we felt […]

For Exeunt: As a Tiger in the Jungle

It is always harder to criticise a show that’s based on personal history because you’re often dealing with very real and often very present pain. The three performers in As a Tiger in the Jungle – an international production from Ali Williams and Circus Xanti – joined the circus as a result of human trafficking. Renu Ghalan and Aman Tamang were trafficked aged […]

the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

  it is easy to look down on rupi kaur’s poetry. too young. too tumblr. too i’m-in-love-for-the-first-time-and-no-one-has-ever-felt-this-way-before. kaur’s anti-establishment style- self-published, with a lack of capital letters and a disdain for punctuation- is synonymous with many of today’s instapoets. yet it is kaur’s work that has leapt into the mainstream and topped the new york […]

For No, Bristol University hasn’t just ditched sexual consent classes

                  “Sexual consent row as feminists accuse Bristol University of downgrading workshop to online quiz” “Feminist group furious over Bristol University’s ‘reckless’ changes to sexual consent workshops” These were just two of the headlines last week from newspapers reporting changes made by the University of Bristol to […]