Pride [footnote xxxiv]

[A follow up to this, based off three months in Burkina Faso. Happy Pride] Xxxiv. Taboo When I feel comfortable enough with him, I say I find attitudes towards homosexuality here difficult. We talk it through, from afar. I say what is legal – and normal – in Britain. He says that in neighbouring Cote […]

Burkina Faso // Footnotes

  [Three months in Réo, Burkina Faso.]    PART I     i. Nighttime Take the second left off the main road and bump through the dirt track. Follow it down until you almost hit the slab of stone in the middle. Look up and you’ll see there are few lights around: a red one […]

Implosion technology // Kʌvn launch

TW/CW Sexual assault   [how could we use technology to prevent sexual assault, a brainstorm with my pals on tinder/bumble]   ***   N: I would say teaching people not to be dicks. Or a small nuke inside guys dicks that girls can flick their fingers to detonate if they’re not down with it. [Would […]

Noises Off 2018

I was honoured to edit National Student Drama Festival’s magazine Noises Off this year. We had a team of 13 and I’m very grateful for each and every one of them. [I will come back to this at some point to detail my favourite articles from the week.] *** My editorials: #1 (on using words […]

For The Guardian: The Weir

Just over 20 years on from its Royal Court debut, Conor McPherson’s haunting drama has been resurrected once more, this time for a co-production by English Touring Theatre and Colchester’s Mercury. In a remote pub in rural Ireland, the locals avoid the solitude of their homes by clinging to each other’s stories, as Adele Thomas’s revival reveals the horror […]

For The Guardian & WhatsOnStage: The Words Are Coming Now

Put together in under a month and rehearsed in three days, The Words Are Coming Now is a rapid response to the #MeToo moment, presenting 10 short plays (all under 10 minutes long) accompanied by post-show discussions. Featuring established and emerging playwrights, the production avoids the stark polarity of debate about consent that it is easy to […]