Robbie Jack

In all the interviews I read with Simon McBurney, he was painted as a very difficult figure to talk to. I found the opposite. He asked about me, the birds, how lockdown was going. His style of conversation is definitely unique – he pauses for five or ten seconds after every question, and his stories meander unexpectedly at length – but his answers always lead somewhere exciting.

I loved speaking to him, and I’m proud of this piece.

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Tristram Kenton / The Guardian

We don’t hear enough about failure from successful people. For this piece, I spoke to four prolific playwrights – Alan Ayckbourn, Lynn Nottage, April De Angelis and Anthony Neilson – about times when their shows have gone disastrously wrong. This was all before the pandemic, so there was still an element of innocent joy in hearing about these relative crises.

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