Tiu Makonnen

In Amy Rosa’s three-hour durational show, There Is A Silence, set in Glasgow University’s Chapel, she lay on a bed of ice as it slowly melted beneath her. It was performed at Take Me Somewhere, a festival that celebrates intimacy and experimentation, and that now, in lockdown, I long for. The show was part of her work as the recipient of the Adrian Howells Award. The next day, we chatted in a slightly warmer setting about the piece, her life with chronic pain, and the delicate nature of performance art.

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Izzy Romilly

I went to see Mary Higgins and Ell Potter’s first show, Hotter, with one of my best friends. It ended with us all joining a sweaty dance in the middle of the stage, almost the entire audience packed tight together under heady lights. Afterwards, we walked through Soho. We sat in the dark, eating chips and talking completely openly about our attitudes to our bodies. The show seemed to open up avenues of conversation that previously felt off-limits. I’m very thankful for the show for helping us do that.

I loved chatting to Mary and Ell about sex, bodies, embarrassment and their shows, Hotter and Fitter.

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