Burgess prize runner-up

Dan Hett’s videogame, Sorry to Bother You

“It was hastily done. A desperate journalist scrawled an interview request on a torn scrap of paper and slipped it under Dan Hett’s door. “I’m very sorry to bother you,” the note began, “but…” It was 23 May 2017, the morning after the terror attack that claimed 23 lives at Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert, and hungry journalists were circling family members of the missing. Hett tweeted a photo of his brother Martyn, who had been at the concert and wasn’t answering his phone. Did anyone have any information? Sensing an opportunity, the famished flock descended.”

For the Anthony Burgess/ Observer Prize, I entered a piece about Sorry to Bother You, the videogame made by Dan Hett after his brother, Martyn, had been killed in the Manchester bombing. It placed as joint runner-up.

Read it here.


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