Implosion technology // Kʌvn launch

TW/CW Sexual assault


[how could we use technology to prevent sexual assault, a brainstorm with my pals on tinder/bumble]




N: I would say teaching people not to be dicks.


a small nuke inside guys dicks that girls can flick their fingers to detonate if they’re not down with it.

[Would that not hurt her too?]

Nah implosion technology only destroys the cells within the dick not outside.




J: Make all women’s clothes 1000 degrees hot.

[How would the women avoid being burnt?]

That’s not guaranteed, but they won’t get sexually assaulted if they’re on fire.

[I feel like there might be a flaw in this plan.]

Yeah I agree. Firemen.




L: I think that some identifier everyone had that could record basic info could help, it would remove any anonymity and doubt from the accuser, hopefully stopping anything from happening in the first place. Kind of like the individuality principle in psych?

The perpetrator would know that they wouldn’t get away with it and wouldn’t attempt anything, a deterrent I guess.




T: Fate of humanity in my hands. I’ll think while I brush my teeth and get back to you.


I’m going down the deterrent rather than preventative route.

I’m thinking that if it’s going to have a black mirror twist then this is the easiest transition into madness I can foresee.

Everyone has a little chip installed that’s linked to a little HUD in their vision. When someone has a sexual thought about someone else it pops up as a notification that they can choose to read.  Everyone can set their threshold for notifications, for example a guy might not want to know every time a girl near him thinks he has a nice bum.

But then everyone obviously gets a big ego boost in the day to day use of it and sets the threshold to really low – even passing thoughts like “those jeans are quite tight” get picked up.

And it goes 1 of 2 ways.

Either everyone is hyper sexualised and there are anonymous sexual encounters happening all over the place.


It turns into this strange, suppressed, witch hunt-style society where everyone is crying wolf and nobody trusts anyone around them.




S: What about something in the bloodstream that stiffens when triggered so people turn into statues and therefore can’t hurt people?




R: I’d design a interface that allows you to download behavioural traits. For example install good behaviour into someone. That way you preserve “free will” (if it even exists” without physically disrupting people’s lives. Because you prevent it all together.

But ideally I’d just enforce education on the global populace and ensure everyone knows right from wrong.




L: Lool Im looking for a sexfriend are u interested?



I’ve written a short story for a new art & lit zine, Kʌvn. It’s about a chip inserted into everyone’s neck that rips them back if the person they’re touching doesn’t want to be touched. The rest of the zine is a little more cheery. The launch party is 14th April, open to all. Kʌvn will be available in a selection of zine/bookshops including Housmans.


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